Arcanus 55

Private Wealth Safe

Arcanus 55 strikes the right balance between security and usability. Your private documents and keys are safely encrypted on a bootable Linux USB. An integrated virtual keyboard protects your credentials in real-time. An extremely reliable air-tight capsule shields the media from damage.

Arcanus 55 is the best place to put your crypto wallet. You can easily send your exchange coins to your own private wallet.

Arcanus 55 is a hybrid hardware and software cryptocurrency security solution. A55 provides long-term cold storage of digital assets. The private keys are held securely on a hardened bootable Linux USB.

An integrated virtual keyboard protects your password. Meaning that your password is safe even if the computer has been compromised.

The USB hardware is 256-bit AES encrypted and onboard keypad PIN authenticated. Data is encrypted on the fly and the data remains encrypted while the drive is at rest.

This epoxy hardened USB device has brute-force defense, unattended auto lock and a self-destruct PIN.

The A55 Virtual Keyboard allows you to enter passwords and mnemonic recovery phrases without ever touching the keyboard.

The A55 Capsule is an extremely reliable, airtight, waterproof, crush-proof, and tamper evident physical shield for your digital wealth. It´s your "Digital Jump Bag".

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I have a Coinbase account, but...
I want to keep coins in my own wallet.

I don't trust exchanges.
I need a solution that is private and available 24/7.

I´ve lost investment opportunities because the exchange was down and I know that exchanges have mysteriously disappeared in the past.

Exchanges are not FDIC insured, unlike bank deposits, coins just vanish in the case of a bank run or business failure.

Government regulation could mean that I lose access to my coins.  Or they could simply freeze the assets of some investors based on their citizenship.

I need my wallet safely encrypted on removable media (bootable Linux).  I must have protection from keyloggers and ransomware.

Thanks to Arcanus 55 my investment is safe.  I have a trusted real-world solution that is very easy to use.

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I already have a Hardware Wallet but I need safe storage for my personal documents, private keys, passphrases and paper wallets.

My handwritten passphrase can be photographed. I don't feel comfortable hiding it. I need it protected even if it is lost or stolen.

I want my 24 word passphrase encrypted digitally but I am afraid to type it into a keyboard. I need protection from keyloggers and ransomware.

I can't remember a 24 word phrase for five years. Or even where I hid the paper for that matter.

I don't want to rely on a safety deposit box. And if I do, I want my information to remain private while in the box.

A bootable Linux solution seems like a good idea but building a dedicated computer is too much effort.

I need a way of sharing access with my family in case of death or memory loss.

I need a way of sharing access with my family in case of death or memory loss.

work at home without data breach
work remotely without data breach

I need to keep my documents safe. I need a convenient place to store legal, medical and tax files.

My laptop was stolen from my backpack. I need my privacy protected.

I've lost an important USB stick. I need my data secured even if misplaced or stolen.

I don't want my private information recorded with a keylogger. Identity theft can be life changing.

I want my family to have my files if something happens to me.

Like a Digital Last Will.

My employer trusts me with proprietary information. I don't want to be the cause of a Data Breach headline.

I trust Arcanus 55 to protect my important files. I have a practical real-world solution that is very easy to use.

Arcanus 55 protects the information that you value most. Its 256-bit encryption sealed in an extremely reliable, airtight, waterproof capsule.

Arcanus 55 is a digital privacy and security solution. It is a practical multi-layered defense against realistic, everyday threats. Your files stay encrypted on a hardened bootable Linux USB.

An integrated virtual keyboard protects your passwords. Meaning that your passwords are safe even if the computer has been compromised.

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Arcanus 55 is the practical and convenient storage platform for your private keys, passphrases and paper wallets.

Arcanus 55 is a flexible security platform that can be utilized in different ways to meet your unique needs. It is a practical multi-layered defense against realistic threats while still making it's precious payload accessible.

A55 is an air-gapped, bootable Linux instance for cold storage. For hot storage the exFAT partition can be safely accessed from Windows, Mac and Linux.

It is a myth that paper is safer than digital. The encrypted A55 USB device encased in the A55 Capsule is a formidable defense. It has many advantages as a cold storage medium.

If your mnemonic passphrase is photographed on either paper or steel, you will lose your cryptocurrency.

If the A55 USB device is stolen you will not lose your cryptocurrency. It's that simple.

The A55 Virtual Keyboard is a truly a stealth wonder. It defeats keyloggers, screen loggers, clipboard loggers, hardware loggers and acoustic listening devices.

The A55 solution adds an extra layer of defense when stored in a safety deposit box because the device is encrypted at rest it protects against photographing or forfeiture.

Arcanus 55 Alive Insurance is a service that will allow you to grant access to your Private Wealth Safe in the event of death, memory loss or incapacitation. This can act as a last will or a living will.

Known as a Digital Dead Man's Switch. The service will deliver a message to an email address that you provide if you fail to sign in for 30 days. The message may contain a read-only PIN or a self-destruct PIN.

Got Secrets?

PIN Encrypted USB

The Virtual Keyboard

The Capsule


Very cool. I showed people at work and now they all want one. Thanks for the quick response. I am very pleased! I would be glad to help beta test the next version. I lost my arcanus USB. It was good to know that my data was still safe (I found it later). Thanks for the piece of mind during Tax season. Very useful toolkit. I am going to order another one. Excellent. This thing has many more uses than just crypto. Transfered my Coinbase account today, thanks. Thanks, I moved my Exodus wallet without issue. My wallet on a bootable Linux stick is the way to go. This is a very flexible cold storage solution The bootable Ubuntu instance is incredibly convenient. A good Hardware Wallet Plan B Last year two laptops were stolen from my car. Now, with Arcanus, I am prepared for anything. The added security of a 16 number PIN is something you don’t think about until you need. Ironically those that choose digital currency over paper choose paper security over digital.

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Arcanus 55 Virtual Keyboard
Arcanus 55 Virtual Keyboard