Arcanus 55 Founder

March 2019

Arcanus 55 | Private Wealth Safe - Keypad PIN Encrypted USB

All the cool CPA's encrypt their tax files

Secure tax files are both groovy and the cat's pajamas

Easy photo backup from your iphone

Insecure Tax Docs are for Squares

Convincing professionals to take cyber-security seriously is like selling them life insurance. You have to paint a picture of the worst case scenario in order to provoke a defensive response. That's not fun. It would be much easier if information security were cool and trending.

Fortunately, our product line "Arcanus 55 Privacy Paranoid Vault" is pretty cool as far as sleek, yet functional, geek gadgets go. AES-256 is the new black.

As a tax professional you are very cool because …, well cooler than actuaries. Am I right?

As part of the "in crowd" you know that you'll need to lock down your files in a way that keeps them safe from both hackers and coffee spills. We got your back.

Being one of the popular kids means you'll have lots of friends. That means lots of tax returns. Our device is 16GB and can hold thousands of PDFs!

Your jet-set lifestyle means lots of opportunities to misplace this slick little device. No worries, if lost the device remains locked. If you lose your Arcanus 55 USB device, it is gone but the private information is never compromised.

Some people might think tax preparation is boring but you know that secure tax files are both groovy and the cat's pajamas.

Stay safe.

Privacy Paranoid? Encrypted USB Bootable Linux | Password Manager | On-Screen Virtual Keyboard | Airtight Waterproof Capsule.

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Cool evenfall

A hidden, slick file protect

at the perfect drive

Privacy Paranoid? Encrypted USB Bootable Linux | Password Manager | On-Screen Virtual Keyboard | Airtight Waterproof Capsule.

Keypad Encrypted USB Best Practices and Safety

Enter The PIN before inserting the USB into its slot. Do not enter the PIN while the Keypad Encrypted USB is connected.

Close all applications before hibernating, suspending, logging off or ejecting the USB device. This is an important step especially if you are using a software cryptocurrency wallet, KeePass or Key Quest Vault.

Put the USB Device back in its capsule when not in use. You should remember to seal the Capsule and store it in a safe place.

Make sure your are not being watched or recorded by a surveillance camera. Be aware of your surroundings and look behind you.

Do not plug the USB into a suspicious computer. Avoid using a computer that may be infected with Spyware. If you must use an unknown computer, boot from a Trusted Operating System, and use the Virtual Keyboard to enter passwords.

Do not use a found USB device. If a USB drive magically appears do not plug it into any computer. Curiosity killed that particular cat. Be cautious if your USB drive was out of your possession for any period of time.